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Goodbye Carbon Neutral, Hello Net Zero!

End of the phrase ‘Carbon Natural’ For many years Carbon Neutral was the phrase being used by politicians and businesses, claiming that once businesses reached the prestigious position of carbon neutral, climate change would no longer be the big challenge that everyone made out. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Carbon neutrality allowed businesses to offset…Read More »

EEZYBIKE awarded Carbon Charter Silver Standard

EEZYBIKE Ltd is a Suffolk-based e-bike rental company established in 2021. The company manages four electric bike hubs which are commonly used by commuters,students, tourists, and local businesses. It’s core principles as a business embody all things sustainability, providing the general public with opportunities to reduce their carbon emissions by using e-bikes instead of cars….Read More »

Join our free Net Zero webinars!

The Carbon Charter is an environmental accreditation scheme and sustainable business network run by Groundwork in the East of England, in association with Suffolk County Council. Over the next few months, Groundwork are delivering a series of webinars for Charter members, which they have invited the wider Groundwork business network to join! Don’t miss out…Read More »

BEE Anglia – Helping business improve their energy efficiency

About The BEE Anglia programme ran from January 2016 to July 2022 and saw Groundwork’s Sustainability Consultants support SMEs across the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership area to improve their energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and reduce their operational costs. Funded primarily by the European Regional Development Fund and Suffolk County Council and supported by…Read More »

Renewable energy - solar

Harnessing the Power of Renewable Energy: Advantages for Sustainable Businesses

In an era where the demand for clean and renewable energy is rapidly increasing, embracing renewable energy sources has become a pivotal step towards building a sustainable business. Renewable energy not only offers numerous environmental benefits but also provides economic advantages and enhances the reputation of organisations committed to sustainability. In this article, we will…Read More »

Sustainable Procurement: Establishing the Basis for a Responsible Business

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, sustainable procurement has emerged as a fundamental pillar of responsible and ethical business practices. By integrating sustainability into the procurement process, businesses can make a profound impact on environmental conservation, social well-being, and long-term economic viability. In this article, we explore the importance of laying the groundwork for sustainable procurement…Read More »

Co-op Supermarket, Woodbridge, Suffolk Awarded Carbon Charter Gold Standard

Background East of England Co-op is the largest independent retailer operating in the East of England. They supply a variety of services including food stores, funerals and travel services. The Co-op store in Woodbridge opened in 2016 and started working with the Carbon Charter not long after. Our Sustainability Consultants calculated their annual carbon footprint starting…Read More »

Net Zero for SME’s

Background to Net Zero Net Zero emissions refer to achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted into the atmosphere and the amount removed from the atmosphere. It is a state where the net emissions of GHGs, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2), are effectively reduced to zero. In the context of climate change,…Read More »

What environmental impact do music festivals have?

In the height of festival season and the shadow of Glastonbury, the UK’s biggest festival, Groundwork Sustainable Business Consultant Dominic Simpson considers some of the challenges festival organisers face. The major environmental impact of festivals According to research conducted by Brighton University the negative environmental impacts from festivals are primarily related to transport, waste, energy…Read More »