Is your business doing enough to remain within the rules of law?

If you want to feel more confident that your businesses is operating legally, our experienced consultants can build, maintain and audit against your environment, health and safety (EHS) compliance requirements.

What are the benefits of external legal compliance support?

  • With over 250 pieces of EHS legislation you may want to seek external support to remain confident that your procedures are up to date and legally compliant.
  • If your business fails to understand, and act upon, relevant environment, health and safety legislation it may be subject to enforced penalties.
  • Regulating bodies including the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and The Health and Safety Executive randomly audit businesses across the country, issuing penalties to businesses who aren’t compliant which range from fines to prison sentences.
  • The main benefit of obtaining legal compliance support services is an assurance that you remain operational within the law at all times

What is legal compliance support?

Remaining legally compliant is fundamental to all businesses. Legal compliance support is the process of using knowledgeable and experienced consultants to offer advice on the EHS laws which impact your business. This support service means that you can get on with business, avoiding the ongoing, extensive research needed to understand a changing legal landscape.

Our consultants will spend time in your businesses and with your team to ensure they understand your operation, developing a legal register that encompassed all of your business needs.  

Our qualified auditors will provide impartial advice and check your compliance status, ensuring you are ready for any impromptu audits from the regulating bodies.

Our team have years of experience supporting businesses with legal compliance, meaning they’re well equipped to help you interpret complex legislation.

“The Sustainable Business Service consultants at Groundwork provide an invaluable service that helps to keep our legal compliance register up to date. I have also used this service to help question external auditors interpretation of our compliance requirements. Without this service I would struggle to keep on top of the ever changing legal obligations.”

Jonathan Gibbs, Business System Manager, Atlas Copco Bolting Solutions

Examples of our work in legal compliance:

Atlas Copco
Supporting Atlas Copco Bolting Solutions with Legal Compliance