Your pathway to net-zero

With the UK government announcing its plans for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, it’s crucial for businesses to start setting and implementing their own carbon reduction and net-zero plans.

Our expert environmental consultants will work with you to calculate your emissions and establish a comprehensive pathway for your business to reach net-zero emissions.

Net Zero Consultants - implementation

Our carbon management services:

Our services are tailored to your organisation and can include:

  • Carbon footprint accounting and reporting – Our team will work with you to understand and quantify your emissions and produce an annual ‘carbon footprint’ or greenhouse gas inventory.
  • Value chain/scope 3 emissions – Often accounting for over 75% of total emissions, we can help you to quantify ‘Scope 3’ emissions arising from the products and services you buy in, as well as other downstream emissions arising from the delivery of your products and services, and to engage with suppliers to reduce these.
  • Onsite carbon reduction audits – We can identify opportunities for efficiencies covering a breakdown of onsite energy use and emissions, and waste and water management and efficiency.
  • Carbon Reduction Plans – Many larger organisations and government bodies now require their suppliers to have a Carbon Reduction Plan (e.g. in line with PPN 06/21) and we can help you to produce a bespoke plan for your organisation.
  • Pathways to Net Zero – Increasingly your customers will want to see that you are decarbonising your activities in line with government and industry commitments and our team can help you establish a comprehensive pathway for your business to reach net-zero emissions, in line with science-based targets to limit global climate change.
  • Providing external assurance for carbon reporting – If you are already quantifying your emissions in house, we can provide valuable third-party verification and assurance.
  • Standards such as PAS 2060 – Support with the implementation and management of PAS 2060 specification on how to demonstrate carbon neutrality

So, whether you’re just starting out with carbon emissions calculations and reporting or need to develop a more comprehensive carbon reduction strategy, we can help.

What are the benefits of managing your carbon emissions?

  • Our environmental consultants can help you to reduce your carbon and achieve net-zero emissions whilst also maintaining profitability. 
  • Reaching net-zero will open up a number of sales opportunities to your business and be a stand out feature in your businesses marketing. 
  • It’s likely your business will experience cost savings from energy efficiency measures introduced through the carbon management process.
  • In addition, nearly 40% of millennials chose their employer based on their sustainability practices, making your carbon management an essential feature in attracting your workforce of the future.

Just like your business, our carbon management services are bespoke.

Our environmental consultants will spend time learning about your businesses operational processes and ambitions and offer guidance on how to design and implement systems that work for you.

“As a company we want to improve our environmental performance and the support and advice we have received from Groundwork has really helped us to reduce our CO2 emissions and generate cost savings”

Roger Lewin, Managing Director, Starkey Labs

Examples of our work in carbon management:

Citizens Advice
Supporting Citizens Advice with Resource Efficiency
Woodbridge Tide Mill
Supporting Woodbridge Tide Mill Museum to Reduce their Carbon Footprint
East Suffolk case study
Supporting East Suffolk Council to become Carbon Neutral