Groundwork Sustainable Business consultants offer impartial, tailored sustainability advice to help organisations build a greener future.

We work closely with businesses to meet their sustainability goals, in a way which is impactful and achievable.

We operate from a number of office bases across the country, providing you with national insight, alongside local expertise.

Our services include:

Benefits of working with Groundwork’s Sustainable Business Consultants

  • Maximise profits – working sustainably means reducing waste, leading to major financial savings. In turn, that means maximising profits.
  • We’re the expertswith decades of experience under our belt, we are experts in helping organisations work more sustainably, in a way that benefits the planet and local communities.
  • Reduce risk – climate change can be a major risk to any business. Through in-depth risk assessments, can help you avoid incidents that may damage the environment, your reputation and your bottom line.
  • Protect the environment – we can help you do business in the knowledge that you’re protecting the world for future generations.
  • Support a national charity – all the income we generate is re-invested back in to Groundwork, a national charity helping communities tackle poverty and take environmental action.

2021/22 Impact

We are a consultancy within a charity:

We are a team of business consultants who all work for Groundwork, a federation of charities taking action on poverty and the environment across the UK.

As a charity, we reinvest every penny back into the local community, so by working with us you know you’re helping to build a stronger, greener future.

We support businesses on their Journey to Sustainability, whether they’re just getting started or they’re well on the way.