Greenhouse Gas Reporting for the Groundwork federation


Groundwork is a federation of charities working locally and nationally to create a fair and green future in which people, places, and nature thrive. As an environmentally driven organisation we are keen to have a limited environmental impact, however as a charity it can be challenging to source funding to aid decarbonisation.

Groundwork’s Sustainable Business Services team has been supporting the Groundwork Federation on their net zero journey since 2019, quantifying greenhouse gas emissions and calculating individual trusts’ carbon footprint.

How we helped

Following the GHG Protocol Corporate Reporting Standard, and covering Scope 1, Scope 2 and significant Scope 3 emissions, our sustainability consultants have quantified annual emissions in a consistent way across all the Groundwork Trusts.

Understanding the importance of carbon reporting

Following our Journey to Sustainability model, the first step was to ensure everyone involved in the process understood the importance of carbon reporting, that they were clear on which data is required and that where this information can be found. In this case, we held a series of workshops and drop-in sessions for the members of staff involved ensuring that all these points were covered.

Based on our experience of working with a range of different organisations, we are also able to suggest the most suitable methods for collecting information about emissions sources such as employee commuting and working from home – which might not always be readily available.

Implementing decarbonisation measures

Our consultants have also helped some Trusts, such as Groundwork East, to develop fully costed Decarbonisation Pathways, setting out a plan of low-carbon investment and behavioural change which will enable them to meet their Net Zero commitments.

Challenges & learning

The process of delivering this support across our own organisation has highlighted the challenges that Net Zero planning can bring, as well as the benefits of having senior level commitment and support right from the start.

Whether you’re a charity organisation or a commercial business, if you need help on your journey to sustainability, we can help.