Helping business in Brent improve their energy efficiency

Throughout 2022-23 Groundwork worked with Brent Council to deliver the ‘Brent for Business Energy Efficiency Scheme’ which supported local SMEs to make sustainable changes to their premises.

Out of 90 businesses who expressed an initial interest in the scheme, over 50 went on to receive a free energy audit, which helped highlight key areas for improvement.

Of these SMEs, 15 businesses successfully received grant funding which supported them on their energy efficiency & decarbonisation journey. Measures included features such as new LED lighting systems, solar energy generation & storage systems and improved insulation.

Thanks to the new measures, it’s predicted that the following savings will be made annually:

  • 36 tCO2e (emissions)
  • over 75,000 kWh of energy
  • over £20,000 in energy costs

Fortune Laundrette was one of the SMEs that took part in the scheme and received an energy audit and grant funding. Olimpia Salas Guzman, the Director, highlighted that the scheme had generated a number of benefits:

1) Financial benefits: Undoubtedly, we believe that in a short time we will notice some financial

benefits due to the completion of the two projects. The replacement of the old lighting system with all new LED lights and sensors will definitely allow us to reduce and control lighting time. In addition, the completion of the insulation project provides better room temperature conditions in the back hall, which permits reducing some drying times for clothes hanging inside the hallway and avoids the need to use extra time for tumble dry considerably.

2) Morale and motivation: Colleagues feel happy and relaxed when lights are turned on and sensors worked. The mood of people operating presses has been very good and we believe it has been impacted by the lighting improvement in his working area. Therefore, I would say that personal morale and motivation has seen a significant positive impact with this lighting project.

3) And last but not least, it is very significant to pursue our commitments of zero emissions by 2030, and support Brent Council in its plans of zero emissions by 2030.

Once again, thank you for your support.