We understand that safeguarding and championing health and safety is at the heart of any sustainable business.

Equally, we know that staying up to date with your legal compliance requirements and implementing the latest best practices isn’t easy; that’s why we’re on hand to offer high quality health and safety consultancy.

What are the benefits of getting external Health and Safety support?

  • For some businesses health and safety is best delivered in-house, however for those businesses with limited time and resource an external consultant is the best solution.
  • A consultant can be commissioned as and when business needs arise, keeping costs down.
  • Health and safety consultants are able to operate independently from any internal biases, delivering impartial advice that focuses on optimum protection for employees and others on your premises.
  • Although business owners are always legally accountable for overall health and safety, an external health and safety consultant can provide you with specialist advice which helps you feel confident in your decisions.
  • Finally, the main, and most important benefit of having a professional health and safety consultant is a reduced risk of injury or ill health in the workplace; a number one priority for all business owners.

Why is Health and Safety so important?

The 1999 Health and Safety at Work Regulations state that all UK businesses must appoint a health and safety advisor, however this role doesn’t need to be fulfilled in-house. Commissioning an external health and safety consultant can be a more cost effective and efficient solution for your business.

Our experienced consultants provide your business with a range of health and safety services which keep your business legally compliant and your workers safe.

Depending on your needs, we can deliver services on an ongoing basis or as a once off.

Our Health and Safety consultancy services:

  • Legal compliance audits 
  • Legislation updates 
  • H&S training 
  • First Aid training 
  • Development of H&S legal registers 

If you have any specific Health and Safety needs please do not hesitate to get in touch.

“Just what we need!”

Jonathan Owen, Director, J.L Owen