Supporting TransPennine Express with Carbon Footprint Verification


TransPennine Express is a train company that runs intercity services linking cities and towns across the North of England and Scotland. Sustainability is at the heart of their operations and they have developed a strategy in line with the rail industry sustainable development principles and UK policy goals for greener transport and modal shift, promoting rail as the preferred mode of travel.

How Groundwork is supporting TransPennine Express

For several years, Groundwork’s Sustainable Business Consultants have been commissioned to check and verify the TransPennine Express Carbon Emissions Report.

This report is produced as part of the Carbon and Air pillar of TransPennine Express’ Sustainability Strategy, which is aligned with Science-Based Targets and the Paris Agreements, outlining a roadmap to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

What does carbon verification include?

The carbon emissions inventory covers all four classes of rail fleets which include diesel, electric and hybrid engines, it also covers the 19 stations, five office locations, the training hub and the maintenance facility operated by TransPennine Express.

The reporting boundary includes all Scope 1 and Scope 2 fuel, electricity and natural gas, and some Scope 3 emissions, such as waste, across the entire organisation and for the latest 2022/23 report the boundary was expanded to include wider Scope 3 emissions:

  • Category 1. Purchased Goods and Services
  • Category 2. Capital Goods
  • Category 3. Fuel- and Energy-Related Activities (not included in Scope 1 and Scope 2)
  • Category 4. Upstream Transportation and Distribution
  • Category 6. Business Travel
  • Category 7. Employee Commuting
  • Category 8. Upstream Leased Assets
  • Category 12. End-of-Life Treatment of Sold Products
  • Category 13. Downstream Leased Assets

This included emissions associated with all purchasing of goods and services, and the tenants operating concessions with the rail stations.

Who’s involved with carbon verification?

Groundwork’s consultants worked closely with various members of the TransPennine team, including the Environment and Energy Manager and the Environment and Sustainability Coordinator. Our consultants checked the methodology used, the source data and the emissions calculations for an exceptionally wide range of complex data sets. From here we were able to verify the data reported by the TransPennine Express environmental team and identify any areas for improvement.