You’ve got environmental ambitions but are these shared by your workforce?

We deliver a number of high quality, environmental training programmes, including Carbon Literacy, which are designed to empower your employees to act more sustainably, in-line with your environmental objectives.

What is environmental training & should my business be doing it?

Environmental training can cover a number of environmental topics from the risks facing the planet to environmental legislation, to personal responsibilities.

Our most popular, and accessible, environmental training course is Carbon Literacy (see below for more information).

In addition, we offer a number of technical environmental training courses which support employees who have a specific environmental role and responsibility such as management or auditing.

Our training can of course be used to support or drive our wider service offer which will be tailored to your needs.

Environmental training courses can be delivered in-house, at one of our premises or remotely online. Our environmental consultants have first-hand experience in a number of sectors and bring recent, real world examples into the training room in order to connect with trainees. 

Carbon Literacy Training

Carbon Literacy is; a one day course certified by the Carbon Literacy Trust designed for anyone in your workforce to get to grips with zero-carbon living and working.

The Carbon Literacy training covers the science behind climate change using interactive techniques, and requires delegates to identify and commit to individual and work-based action plans.

The course includes a strong focus on knowledge transfer and peer to peer learning. This allows you to use the training to underpin your climate action plans as a business and to bring your staff team with you.

What are the benefits of environmental training?

  • Ensuring your employees have the technical skills they need to deliver their role 
  • Embed a culture of environmental action within your business and drive collective support for your environmental targets 
  • Help you go the extra mile by challenging and empowering your employees to think bigger 
  • Equip environmental or climate champions with the tools they need to drive change within your business 

Environmental training courses available:

  • Carbon Literacy 
  • Environmental awareness  
  • Pollution prevention 
  • Waste management 
  • Management systems – awareness, leadership and auditor training (ISO9001, ISO14001)

Those who complete an environmental training course with us will receive a digital, rather than printed, certificate to recognise the new environmental skills acquired.

“As a result of Groundwork’s training, our employees are positively looking for both environmentally friendly and value for money methods to reduce waste. There has been a shift in culture within the company towards a greener attitude”

Bob Hammond, Chief Engineer, Fluorocarbon

Examples of our Environmental Training work:

Carbon Literacy Doncaster Council
Supporting Doncaster Council to become climate literate
Supporting Urban&Civic to become climate literate
Carbon Literacy - RBC
Supporting Rochdale Boroughwide Council to become climate literate