Groundwork’s onsite carbon emission reduction audits allow a business to clearly understand their energy use and costs and to identify ways to use resources more efficiently – saving costs as well as carbon emissions.

What happens during a carbon reduction audit?

Typically, one of our team will visit your premises, talking to management and staff and walking around the site, to get a detailed understanding of the organisation and how processes are carried out on site.

There will be a focus on identifying opportunities for achieving savings through actions such as upgrading to more efficient equipment, managing space heating effectively and reducing heat loss, as well as identifying opportunities for installing renewable energy generation, such as solar PV.

Our advisor will then provide an assessment of the actions identified. This will include the potential cost and carbon savings, as well as any installation costs, to enable you to make an informed decision about your next steps to reducing your energy costs and emissions.

The findings of our visit will be summarised in a clear and straightforward summary report, providing enough information, highlighting efficiency saving opportunities, without swamping you with complicated technical detail (although we can discuss this with you too).