Pollution incidents can be catastrophic to both the environment and your businesses reputation.

The Environment Agency have brought more than £30million of fines in the last 5 years to businesses who have needlessly caused water pollution.  

Our team of consultants are on hand to provide independent, impartial confidential advice to businesses on pollution prevention.

Do you feel confident about managing your pollution risks?

Our pollution prevention experts help companies reduce risks at individual sites; across business parks and throughout river water catchments.  

  • Ensuring operational sites comply with pollution legislation 
  • Identifying practical opportunities to minimise pollution risks for your sites
  • Avoid prosecution, fines and clean-up costs
  • Gain positive PR and enhance your green credentials in the market place

In an emergency, if you are worried about a potential water pollution incident call the Environment Agency’s free 24-hour hotline, 0800 807060.

Pollution incidents

In the UK, over £5billion is spent each year protecting the water environment. Pollution from industry has reduced 70% since 1995 meaning that otters are now found in every English county and salmon are returning to our rivers.

However, it only takes one small staff error or a poorly designed facility for your business to become a polluter; killing thousands of fish and destroying important natural habits in your community. 

In addition to pollution prevention services Groundwork also manage several river catchment partnerships, working in partnership to maximise the natural value of our environment. We currently manage the River Irwell catchment in Greater Manchester, the Luton Lead catchment Hertfordshire and the River Douglas catchment in Lancashire.

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Pollution incident already occurred?

Read more about how we can support your business in responding to enforcement sanctions.

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What are pollution prevention services?

Pollution prevention is the process where harmful substances are reviewed in terms of their storage, handling processes and emergency preparedness, and an action plan is put in place to ensure that at no point do they cause damage to people or the environment.

A pollution incident is when a harmful substance, in a small or large volume, is released into a water body, the air or the ground. Our team of consultants are ready to offer you expert advice to reduce the risk of this happening. We have a wealth of experience in pollution prevention, specifically in water bodies, thanks to close relationships with our colleagues at Groundwork, who manage river catchment partnerships including the River Irwell in Greater Manchester, the Luton Lead catchment Hertfordshire and the River Douglas in Lancashire.

Our pollution prevention services:

  • Pollution prevention risk assessments  
  • Pollution prevention audits
  • Staff training on spillage prevention and control
  • Business engagement campaigns around pollution prevention
  • Scoping audits to identify high risk companies across water catchments or business parks

Water pollution has a huge and very harmful impact on the environment both locally and nationally. By continuing to work closely with local businesses, we are ensuring that they are aware of and meet their responsibilities to the environment and their local communities

Grevile Kelly, Senior Sustainable Business Consultant

Examples of our work in pollution prevention:

We work with clients including the Environment Agency, water companies, local authorities and individual private businesses, helping them understand their responsibilities. 

Many of these pieces of work are confidential, however please see the links below for a few examples of our work in this area:

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