Supporting Precision Marketing Group with Energy Efficiency


Precision Marketing Group are a professional services organisation based in Bury St Edmunds. They first contacted Groundwork as part of the Net Zero Suffolk support service, an environmental contract being delivered by Groundwork in the region.

Passionate about reducing their environmental impact, they were seeking an independent view around the concept of changing their gas fired space heating system to an air-source heat-pump (ASHP). In addition, they wanted to understand the effect the ASHP would have on their carbon footprint.

What we did

Following conversations with David, one of our Sustainable Business Consultants, it was decided that the business would benefit from an energy audit.

David visited the Precision Marketing Group’s office to get a better understanding of the proposed project and review the site’s energy use and habits. From here, he calculated the ASHP projects carbon and financial savings, as well as assessing the operational changes in business’ carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency improvements

A reduction of around 40% in gas consumption has been primarily attributed to some simple behaviour changes by lowering the heating temperature and reducing the hours the space was heated.

In addition, David was able to estimate that a further 15tCO2e per year could be saved if the businesses invested in an air-source heat-pump.

Nick Pryke, Chief Operating Officer, noted;

As we took on an additional site in September 2022 and also got amazing solar generation last year it will be incredibly hard to match 2022 without implementing our ASHP plan. This information will certainly accelerate our thinking!

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