Delta Fire awarded Gold with the Carbon Charter


Delta Fire, a Norfolk-based manufacturer and supplier of firefighting equipment, first contacted Groundwork to become part of the Carbon Charter, which provides support and recognition to businesses throughout Norfolk and Suffolk who are taking positive action towards Net Zero. They also wanted help to create their first carbon footprint after moving into their new state-of-the-art premises in 2022, and learn what else they can do to reduce emissions.

Richard, one of our Sustainable Business Consultants, visited the premises to learn about their recent transformation and evaluate what they can do to further reduce their emissions. From there, he calculated their carbon footprint and provided recommendations which helped reduce their reliance on grid electricity and fossil fuels, and work towards their Net Zero strategy.

They submitted their Carbon Charter assessment to the independent awarding panel, who awarded Delta Fire with the Gold Level award, in recognition of their significant achievements so far, and their 2030 Net Zero commitment.

What helped Delta Fire achieve the Gold standard?

Delta Fire have made a true commitment to sustainability and made investments that reflect this. Their purpose-built facility includes a production room featuring solar-powered manufacturing robots, a warehouse/storage area, a fire equipment testing room, and offices.

In addition, the business’s building fabric, equipment, energy generation, water & waste streams, policies, and community outreach all demonstrated sustainability in its best form.

Delta Fire were able to evidence:

  • A 2030 Net Zero Carbon commitment
  • EMS certified to ISO14001
  • A-grade EPC rating
  • 320 solar panels (115kWp) covering the roof of their new premises
  • That the entire site is 100% electric, with no gas or heating oil used
  • All forklift trucks are 100% electric
  • All lighting across the site is LED as standard
  • All heating and air-con is powered by air-source heat pumps
  • All of the lighting, air exchange systems, and air-con is automated with smart touchscreens to maximise energy efficiency
  • That the site has heat exchangers that recover heat from the air exchange system
  • Rainwater is captured from the roof, which is used to water the grounds
  • 100% recycling of their metal offcuts and cardboard
  • A Travel Plan and promote cycling to work to colleagues
  • All business vehicles are hybrid at minimum (part of their company policy)
  • Four on-site electric vehicle charging points
  • That the Managing Director has a Tesla vehicle which is used for commuting, and electric vehicles are also promoted to the workforce
  • That they have an Environmental Policy and an Action Plan approved by the board, and sustainability is also promoted to the workforce and via their website
  • That they have an approved supplier list for all of their procurement processes
  • All of Delta Fire’s management is on board with their sustainability journey
  • That they have a Green Champion

Recommendations for Net Zero leaders

Net Zero leaders, like Delta Fire, are those that have demonstrated excellence in their sustainability journey and encourage others to do the same.

We recommend that net-zero business leaders take the following actions:

  • Communicate your Net Zero commitments externally on your websites and social media
  • Engage with your customers and suppliers to support them to reduce their emissions, as part of your Scope 3 emissions
  • Look to further reduce your energy and fossil fuel use, i.e. by installing solar PV or replacing petrol/diesel vehicles with EVs
  • Promote your energy efficiency actions and CO2 reductions (i.e. from any solar PV generation, equipment upgrades, replacement of petrol/diesel vehicles with EVs etc.) on your websites, social media, and in your reception
  • Consider providing guided tours so that other businesses and interested parties can learn best practice from you
  • Plant native trees and other flora to increase biodiversity across your external grounds
  • Consider organising community projects (i.e. litter picks, tree planting days) to champion sustainability within your local communities

Despite the great examples listed in this article, there is always more that can be done to reduce emissions and create a greener, stronger world.

Groundwork’s consultants champion continual business improvement, and encourage clients to continually innovate, and regularly evaluate their Net Zero strategy.