SPILL Festival awarded Carbon Charter Bronze Standard

SPILL is an arts organisation and registered charity based in Ipswich. SPILL creates events for visitors from Ipswich, East Anglia, and further afield, and they work with artists to support their practice.

Following an assessment by Groundwork Consultants, SPILL Festival was awarded their Bronze Carbon Charter in recognition of the steps taken to reduce their carbon emissions and wider environmental impacts.

Here are some of the sustainability practices which SPILL have already introduced which helped them gain this award:

Measuring and Monitoring

SPILL measures and monitors their carbon footprint, and offset their emissions via the Woodland Trust.

Sustainable Procurement

SPILL considers the impact their suppliers have on the environment.

Influence Through Art

SPILL regularly uses environmental themes as part of their arts programmes.

Waste Management

SPILL labels their bins to promote recycling and composting.

Reducing Water Consumption

SPILL uses ‘save a flush’ bags to reduce the amount of water used when flushing the toilet.

Following the assessment Groundwork’s Sustainability Consultants supported SPILL to create an Action Plan which would help them progress on their journey to sustainability. This had 4 focus areas:

Skills Development

Develop the skills and awareness of the SPILL team, with training from specialists on environmental responsibility.

People & Representation

SPILL will create a new in-house Sustainability role, a new sustainability page on their website, and continue their commitment to sustainable procurement.


SPILL will continue their involvement with local environmental groups, adopt baseline targets when planning events, and audit polices to review outcomes.

Tools & Monitoring

SPILL will continue to monitor their carbon footprint and review ways to reduce it.

We integrate sustainability into our events wherever we can. Gaining the Carbon Charter will help us to continue to reduce our impacts and to share our experiences with others.

Annie Harrison, Producer, SPILL