Delivering Carbon Literacy to Eastern Education Group

During 2023 Groundwork has been working with West Suffolk College to design and deliver a Carbon Literacy Training programme to staff, governors and students from across the Eastern Education Group of schools and colleges. Groundwork consultants trained over 120 individuals, running 14 separate courses over a 4-month period. In addition, our consultants developed a ‘Train…Read More »

Waste Awareness Taster Session for Rochdale Businesses

Groundwork is working with the Rochdale Development Agency to host a waste awareness taster session to Rochdale based businesses. The taster session will be particularly useful for businesses who are in the process of reviewing their waste management, have high waste costs or produce large volumes of waste.

Delivering bespoke Carbon Literacy training to Urban&Civic

Working closely with the leadership team, Groundwork  developed a bespoke Carbon Literacy course for employees  of Urban&Civic. The course covered a wide range of topics,  from climate science, to the specific challenges of reducing carbon emissions in the  built environment as well as the opportunities for reductions within Urban&Civic’s operations.

Carbon Literacy Doncaster Council

Supporting Doncaster Council to become climate literate

As a trusted Carbon Literacy Project delivery partner since 2013, Groundwork was asked by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council to support their long-term vision of a Carbon Literate Doncaster. Initially delivering Carbon Literacy accredited training to its Climate Champions, Doncaster Council has ambitions to roll out the training to colleagues across the Council and to their…Read More »