Delivering Carbon Literacy to Eastern Education Group

During 2023 Groundwork has been working with West Suffolk College to design and deliver a Carbon Literacy Training programme to staff, governors and students from across the Eastern Education Group of schools and colleges.

Groundwork consultants trained over 120 individuals, running 14 separate courses over a 4-month period. In addition, our consultants developed a ‘Train the Trainer’ Carbon Literacy course so that the Carbon Literacy training can continue to be delivered ‘peer to peer’ by staff and students within the college.

What is Carbon Literacy? 

Founded by the Carbon Literacy Trust, Carbon Literacy is a days’ (8 hours) worth of training which aims to leave participants with an awareness of the carbon impacts of everyday actions at home and within the workplace to inspire ideas that result in carbon reduction.  

At the end of the training participants need to complete an assessment form and pledge two actions that reduce emissions, one as an individual and one as part of a group, before being certified Carbon Literate by the Carbon Literacy Trust.   

Carbon Literacy training can play key role within any organisation’s climate and sustainability strategies as it covers all the basics that staff will need to know on climate change so they can become aware of how to reduce emissions within the workplace and consider the environmental impact of business decisions moving forward.  

Environmental Training

Having initially attended one of Groundwork’s open Carbon Literacy courses, Lucy Faller-Mead, Lecturer at West Suffolk College, contacted Groundwork with an idea to develop a bespoke course. She helped manage the delivery of the courses to others across the Eastern Education Group, 

Groundwork’s Carbon Literacy Training is an excellent, interactive course that clearly explains the impact of our everyday actions on climate change and offers practical ways we can contribute to reducing carbon emissions both individually and as an organisation.


Feedback from other course attendees from Eastern Education Group included:

‘Excellent course content and facilitators, very informative, relevant and well-paced’

‘[The course] was impactful in terms of the information provided and the break out rooms allowed us to consider application in more detail.’

‘A good opportunity to network and share ideas’

‘Everyone should take a course like this. Thank you!’