Yellow Fish campaign calls for “Only Rain Down the Drain!”

What is the Yellowfish campaign & what does it aim to achieve?

Developed by a number of partner organisations including the Environment Agency, the Yellow Fish campaign seeks to increase awareness that only rain should go down surface water drains in the streets.

Many people believe that throwing liquids (such as oil or cleaning detergents) and litter (such as cigarette butts) down these drains is OK, however most surface water drains run directly to rivers, with little filtering or processing, leading to increased pollution in our rivers and seas.

As part of the campaign, Groundwork work with highways departments to mark public drains with a semi-permanent yellow fish symbol to remind the local community that anything entering the drain will end up in their local river.

In addition, a number of engagement activities are delivered across the community to raise awareness; in schools, with community groups and with local residents.

How can businesses support the Yellow Fish campaign?

The simplest way to get involved is to promote the Yellow Fish campaign with their customers and employees.

This can be done by displaying a poster, information leaflet and sticker on the premises so anyone visiting can find out about the campaign.

What else can my business do?

If your business uses chemicals, oils, or any hazardous liquids which could cause spillages which could lead to a pollution incident and impact the water environment, it maybe worth investing in a pollution audit.

On a pollution audit, one of our Sustainability Consultants will walk with you around your premises, highlighting any areas of risk and making recommendations for improved measures. This proactive approach will reduce the risk of pollution incidents and may save you thousands of pounds in fines.