What is a Carbon Management Plan? 

Any organisation looking to reduce their emissions, meet net zero targets, or simply have a better understanding of their environmental impact should make a Carbon Management Plan a priority.

Not only will it help you reduce emissions and reach targets, it can improve risk management, save costs through efficiency measures and help your organisation stand out as a leader in sustainable growth.  

Why Should We Manage Carbon Emissions? 

Extreme weather events, resource scarcity and supply chain disruption can put significant stress on business operations. We know that rising global temperatures make these situations more likely, so by taking action to reduce your emissions, you can help reduce further increases. 

Knowledge of these risks isn’t new, with 196 parties (including the European Union) signing an international agreement to limit rising temperatures in 2016.

Following COP26, the UK has reaffirmed its commitment, meaning we’ll see more legislation and regulations come in to effect that might change the way your business operates. Taking a proactive approach to sustainability and managing your emissions can ensure you’re ahead of these changes and mitigate any future disruption. 

What’s Involved in a Carbon Management Plan? 

The first stage of Carbon Management is to calculate the carbon footprint of your organisation.

This involves looking at the direct and indirect emissions produced by your operations, and using these to establish a baseline that lets you understand how you’re performing.

From there, we identify key areas for change and opportunities for improvement. We work with you to set achievable targets, that fit the needs and capacity of your organisation.

These will be reviewed regularly, and by monitoring your progress you’ll be able to see your achievements, identify further areas of concern, and see how you compare to other organisations in your industry.  

How Can We Help? 

Our Sustainable Business Consultants have experience in Carbon Management across a wide range of organisations and sectors.

We can assist with carbon footprinting, management plan development, transition to net zero and anything in between.

No two businesses are the same, and we’ll work with you on a bespoke plan that fits your budget and needs.