Woodbridge Tide Mill

Supporting Woodbridge Tide Mill Museum to Reduce their Carbon Footprint

Thanks to support from the Sustainable Business Services team at Groundwork, Woodbridge Tide Mill Museum in Suffolk has made significant improvements in energy efficiency, procurement and waste management.


  • LED lighting has replaced internal halogen lighting and external floodlights
  • A 100% renewable energy tariff for electricity has been introduced
  • Sub-metering has been installed to measure the efficiency of grinding
  • The Sluice-gates have been re-aligned to increase efficiency and maximise use of tidal energy
  • Milling techniques have been refined to enable milling on a lower tide; reducing reliance on the electric motor


  • Grain is bought from local grain merchant and is sourced locally
  • Grain is delivered in bulk, in paper sacks which are re-used
  • All flour is packed in paper sacks, which are purchased from a local supplier
  • All products sold in the gift shop are made in Suffolk

Waste minimisation

  • A bespoke extraction system has been installed which captures 120kgs of flour dust (around 88 bags) which was previously lost as waste. This flour is now collected and distributed as a new product to restaurants and will no longer go to landfill.

Sales and transport

  • Flour is supplied to local bakeries and retail outlets-delivered on foot by volunteers wherever possible
  • Staff, volunteers and visitors are encouraged to come on foot or by bike