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Reducing Water Pollution Risks in Industrial Estates

Thanks to collaborative working with the Environment Agency and other partners our consultants have been able support hundreds of companies across the north of England to manage their water pollution risks in order for the region to help meet Water Framework Directive Requirements.

Our Sustainable Business Services team engaged 22 companies across 3 industrial estates: Bramhall Moor, Stakehill and Roundthorn, all of which impacted the river catchments of the Irwell and Upper Mersey.

As part of these consultations we identified:

  • 65 legal breaches and were able to advice the businesses to put corrective measures in place to remove the breach.
  • 21 potential legal breaches, advising on the risk and corrective measures required to reduce risk.
  • 45 recommendations for best practice to improve process controls.

One of the businesses engaged in the project was a company who manufacture wires used in electrical heating and other related appliances.

The initial audit of this company identified three legal breaches and three best practice recommendations based around Electrical Waste Storage and Oil Spills and Storage.

The company’s response to the sustainable business consultants’ suggestions was excellent; with all recommendations being taken on board and implemented, including;

  • Removal of skips storing waste for long periods of time.
  • Changed oil drums to new containers; reducing oil leaks.
  • Creating new spill stations on the shop floor.
  • Toolbox talks created on how to deal with spills.

Overall, as a result of our confidential advise the businesses engaged have been able to put things right, which have supported improvements in local river water quality.