Abbey Roadtanks

Supporting Abbey Roadtanks with Resource Efficiency

Delivered as part of the ENWORKS programme the Sustainable Business Service consultants supported Abbey Roadtanks in Bootle with their resource and energy efficiency.

Food haulage company, Abbey Roadtanks Ltd, is based in Bootle, Liverpool. It has one of the largest, privately owned tanker fleets in the UK, including foodstuff tankers, heated chocolate tankers and refrigerated trailers. Specialist tanker washing facilities ensure the highest standards of food hygiene.

Energy savings

After an on-site review by our Sustainable Business Service consultants, skylights have been fitted to allow more natural light into the depot and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Pipes and tanks have also been insulated to reduce heat loss. Together with a workforce energy awareness campaign, these measures have achieved energy savings of £12,800 a year.

Water efficiency

Wash bays have been modified so that warm waste water previously discharged as effluent is now channelled back to heat the fresh, incoming mains water. This has reduced the amount of energy and water used to clean the tankers. Staff have been trained in using water efficiently and the combined initiatives have achieved additional annual savings of £18,800.

Fuel efficiency

Drivers have also undergone training in driving efficiently. Their capped speed limit has been lowered and paid incentives have been introduced to encourage greater fuel efficiency. This has significantly reduced the fleet’s CO2e and saved £610,000 a year on fuel oil and diesel.

Total efficiency savings

Annual savings to date have reached £641,600 and opportunities have been identified to save a further £3,800 a year through localised heating systems in the workshop and rainwater harvesting. The total cost savings come with annual savings of 1,700 tonnes of CO2e, 653,200 litres of fuel and over 10,300 m3 of water.

“We would like to thank the team at Groundwork for their valued insight and support.”

Steve Lucy, Managing Director, Abbey Roadtanks