Improved resource and energy efficiency means a healthier balance sheet.

In times of economic uncertainty, this is particularly crucial for your businesses survival.

With advice from our business consultants your business can make sound investment choices which increase productivity, cut costs and reduce your impact on the environment.

Why invest in improving resource & energy efficiency?

  • The first, and typically the most important benefit to most business owners, when improving resource, energy and water efficiency, is bottom line savings.
  • Although there is an initial cost, our resource & energy efficiency services are able to help your business make smart investments, utilizing low-cost measures that have a fantastic return on investment.
  • The benefits to the environment, and therefore your businesses social value are also considerable. Our consultants are specialists at reducing carbon footprints and specialise in protecting precious natural resources such as water. We can help your business to divert waste from landfill and take a fresh look at what materials you use.
  • All of these environmental improvements give your business a competitive advantage; fulfilling tougher supply chain needs, retaining contracts and accessing new markets.

What are Resource & Energy Efficiency services?

Resource efficiency is considering the least amount of inputs needed to achieve the highest amount of outputs. 

Our consultants help you to remove and replace operational elements of your business which are unnecessary. 

By employing our consultants you will gain an external perspective on your day-to-day operations which results in more effective processes.  

Pathways to Energy Efficiency – Renewable Energy 

For business looking for a pathway away from fossil fuels, our consultants can provide independent and impartial advice on which renewable energy technologies are best suited to your business. 

As specialists in a number of renewable technologies we are best placed to advise on investment opportunities made available through Government incentives.  

“We have benefited from Groundwork’s advice for six years now. The results are clearly reflected in the improvements and savings we have made in energy reduction and waste management and we look forward to continuing this productive partnership”

Alan Ogilvie, Facilities Manager, KME Yorkshire Copper Tube

Examples of our work in Resource & Energy Efficiency:

Steel work
Supporting CHK plc with Energy Efficiency
KME Yorkshire copper tubing
Supporting KME Yorkshire Copper Tube with Resource Efficiency
Protocol skills
Supporting Protocol Skills with Resource Efficiency