EEZYBIKE awarded Carbon Charter Silver Standard

EEZYBIKE Ltd is a Suffolk-based e-bike rental company established in 2021.

The company manages four electric bike hubs which are commonly used by commuters,
students, tourists, and local businesses.

It’s core principles as a business embody all things sustainability, providing the general public with opportunities to reduce their carbon emissions by using e-bikes instead of cars.

In Summer of 2023 Suffolk Growth supported EEZYBIKE to join the Carbon Charter in as part of its aims to reduce emissions from Suffolk’s Visitor Economy.

Following an assessment by Groundwork Consultants, EEZYBIKE was awarded their Silver Carbon Charter in recognition of the steps taken to reduce their carbon emissions and wider environmental impacts

Here are some of the sustainability initiatives which EEZYBIKE have implemented which helped them gain this award:

  • Reducing energy use – Timers for lights and appliances have been installed at EEZYBIKE’s Aldeburgh site, and their bike servicing was redesigned, removing the need for one of their storage sites -and its associated emissions- altogether.
  • Service innovation – New innovations are underway, radically changing how e-bikes are stored, accessed and recharged. These designs reduce electricity use, increase renewable energy use, improve security (meaning less repairs needed/avoided maintenance journeys), and reduce the amount of commuting needed for service provision – leading to a significant reduction in emissions.
  • Home working – employees save approx 2.7tCO2e per year by working from home.
  • Material re-use – Materials are reused wherever possible, including parts from routine servicing, wherever safe to do so.

We’ve been keen to manage our carbon emissions right from the start, so it is fantastic to have achieved a Carbon Charter award.

Simon Cooper, EEZYBIKE