What environmental impact do music festivals have?

In the height of festival season and the shadow of Glastonbury, the UK’s biggest festival, Groundwork Sustainable Business Consultant Dominic Simpson considers some of the challenges festival organisers face. The major environmental impact of festivals According to research conducted by Brighton University the negative environmental impacts from festivals are primarily related to transport, waste, energy…Read More »

COP27 – What does it mean for UK business

The outcomes of COP27 reinforced a need for businesses to adapt to expand their business footprint, achieve efficiency gains, innovate for the future, and enhance long-term sustainability.
In this blog we explore how businesses can respond to COP27.

Investing in an Electric Fleet

Sustainability is increasingly ranking high on the agenda for customers, investors and employees. Electric vehicles (EV’s) can offer a significant reduction in transport costs for businesses, as well as safeguarding you against new environmental regulations being introduced to businesses.
In this blog, we outline why you should consider investing in an electric fleet.

Understanding Scope 3 Emissions 

Scope 3 emissions make up a large proportion of their emissions, and for some, they even dominate the overall carbon footprint.
In this blog we explore what Scope 3 emissions are, why businesses should measure them and some quick solutions on how to reduce them.

Environmental Management System

How Can an Environmental Management System Support My Business?

More than ever, businesses across the country are looking to improve their environmental performance. Following the UK Government publishing their Net Zero Strategy and a successful COP26, organisations want the advantage of being in the foreground when it comes to operating in a sustainable way. Implementing an Environmental Management System.

Commercial Energy Efficiency

Commercial Energy Efficiency

One of the most important steps towards running a sustainable business is making sure that your energy efficiency is as good as it can be. There are many things to think about when assessing your commercial energy efficiency, but we’ve highlighted five easy steps to help you improve the energy efficiency of your business. 

Governments Net Zero Strategy

The Government’s Net Zero Strategy

The UK government published their Net Zero strategy on the 19th October 2021, setting out their long-term plan for how the UK will reach net zero carbon emissions in 2050.   You can read the strategy document in full here. The strategy sets out four key principles:  Working with the grain of consumer choice  Ensuring the biggest polluters pay the most for the transition  Ensuring that the most vulnerable are protected…Read More »

Net Zero Consultants

How our Net Zero Consultants can help you

COP26 is fast approaching and we as individuals, communities and organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the collective role we all have to play in responding to the climate crisis.

SBS webinar - Carbon Literacy

Free Webinar: Carbon Literacy

Carbon Literacy is taking the UK by storm – a simple, day-long environmental training session, your workforce will emerge with the skills and knowledge they need to help you and your business reduce its environmental impact. It’s the perfect place to start your sustainability journey, and all staff taking part in the training also receive…Read More »