Setting Science Based Targets

In our last blog we introduced what Science-Based Targets (SBT) were and why they were important. In this blog we will outline the steps required to set them. Step 1: Commit to setting a Science Based Target Committing to setting an SBT is an important first step. It shows that your business is serious about…Read More »

Upcoming Webinar – Carbon Reduction Plans

Midday, Thursday 25th January 2024 If you’re a UK based organisation looking to set a Net Zero target or reduce your carbon emissions, register for Groundwork’s next free webinar! Groundwork Sustainability Consultant Dominic Simpson will host this free webinar on Carbon Reduction Plans. Dominic has a wealth of experience working with organisations to help them…Read More »

Introducing Science Based Targets

Progressing with the Net Zero agenda has never been more important for business. However, it’s not merely about making pledges; it’s about setting credible goals and targets that are firmly grounded in climate science.  The science behind setting targets has evolved to play a pivotal role in our transition to a more sustainable future. In…Read More »

Goodbye Carbon Neutral, Hello Net Zero!

End of the phrase ‘Carbon Natural’ For many years Carbon Neutral was the phrase being used by politicians and businesses, claiming that once businesses reached the prestigious position of carbon neutral, climate change would no longer be the big challenge that everyone made out. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Carbon neutrality allowed businesses to offset…Read More »

Sustainable Procurement: Establishing the Basis for a Responsible Business

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, sustainable procurement has emerged as a fundamental pillar of responsible and ethical business practices. By integrating sustainability into the procurement process, businesses can make a profound impact on environmental conservation, social well-being, and long-term economic viability. In this article, we explore the importance of laying the groundwork for sustainable procurement…Read More »

Net Zero for SME’s

Background to Net Zero Net Zero emissions refer to achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted into the atmosphere and the amount removed from the atmosphere. It is a state where the net emissions of GHGs, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2), are effectively reduced to zero. In the context of climate change,…Read More »

Myth busting Net Zero

Net Zero is a state which will only be achieved when there is a balance between greenhouse gases emitted and removed from the atmosphere by human activities.
Ahead of Net-Zero Week, which runs from 1st to 7th July, our team have been myth busting Net Zero to help you navigate the truth from the rumours.

Supporting Thornham Village Hall with EV charging points

Thornham Village Hall is a community space situated on the North Norfolk Coast. Groundwork’s Sustainability Consultants recently visited the village hall to provide advice on what the hall needed to do to take their EV charging point idea forward.