Corprotex Apparel

Supporting Corprotex Apparell Transition their Quality Management System

Corprotex Apparell Ltd is a leading supplier of corporate clothing and workwear both from stock and through a bespoke design and manufacturing service.

Consultancy support to help with transitioning

Corprotex were keen to transition their quality management system to the latest ISO 9001: 2015 standard, having recognised it as a vital part of their supply chain and product and service quality assurance. Aware that meeting the new standard would require time-consuming updates to many of their existing processes, Corprotex were looking
for consultancy support in order to ensure that successful transition was achieved first time around, avoiding the need for costly recertification.

Corprotex’s existing quality management system had previously been developed with assistance from the Sustainable Business Services team at Groundwork. Oleh, an experienced Safety, Health, Environment and Quality consultant who had provided this original support, was therefore already familiar with Corprotex’s quality processes and consequently was the client’s natural choice for this next stage of work.

Understanding client needs

After detailed discussions with the quality team to fully understand their requirements. Oleh produced a fully costed proposal of consultancy works that showed the steps required. Oleh then worked directly with the team to facilitate their understanding of the new edition of ISO 9001. Particular focus was given to the Annex SL high-level approach, which provides a universal high-level structure, identical core text, and common terms and definitions for all management system standards.

Following regular meetings, the quality team undertook Oleh’s recommended actions in the areas that required updating such as risk-based thinking, interested parties, context of the organisation and leadership. Oleh also revised any necessary system documents and procedures and also created a new quality manual.

A successful management system transition

As a result of Groundwork’s support, Corprotex completed a successful recertification audit and achieved their transition to the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard. The consultancy service provided by Oleh at Groundwork was cited as being invaluable to the recertification in terms of the support and knowledge provided, as well as the time and effort saved.

“Groundwork were a great help in getting us through the transition to ISO 9001: 201. Oleh, our consultant, was very helpful and worked efficiently with our quality team during the transition process. He took us through the new revised standard to ensure we met the requirements, in particular the new sections on risk-based thinking, leadership, context of the organisation and interested parties. Aside from the great, friendly and understanding service from Groundwork, we found that the new standard was really interesting and has continued to enhance our business and the product/service that we supply to our customers.”

Paul Smith, Managing Director, Corprotex Apparel Ltd