Improving energy efficiency with Genlab


Genlab is an industrial oven and incubator manufacturing based in Widnes, Cheshire.

Groundwork first supported Genlab in the early 2000’s when the business was looking to improve and demonstrate its environmental credentials to the automotive and aerospace sector, which were two of its primary markets.

Reducing energy costs

The invasion of the Ukraine and related world events had an immediate impacted Genlab’s utility costs, shifting the business onto a very expensive emergency tariff.

Phil Crompton, Finance Director at Genlab, realised that it would be beneficial to get external guidance and assistance from Groundwork to see if energy efficiency measures could be introduced to lower costs.

In 2022, Groundwork sustainability consultants supported Genlab to create a plan to significantly reduce energy consumption. The process included:

  • A desktop audit to understand the cost benefit of adding variable speed drives onto equipment.
  • The introduction of new energy saving battery powered tools.
  • A cost benefit analysis of a roof mounted solar PV system.
  • The use of modern leak detection technology to ascertain where valuable energy was being lost.
  • Engaging with a suitable energy broker, who was able to advise on the best tariffs available and the best timescales for fixing the tariffs.
  • The installation of LED lighting across the business, offering an incredibly quick payback period and significantly reduced energy consumption.

Energy savings

Genlab had operated for years with a combined gas and electricity bill of approximately £30,000/annum (minus VAT) but in 2022 initial quotations suggested that this figure could rise by 400% to £120,000 – £140,000/annum.

With help from the Groundwork team the bills never reached this level with the highest annual bill reaching £75,000, a figure which Finance Director Phil was much more pleased with,

I would certainly recommend Groundwork to any business seeking to reduce its energy consumption; their assistance could be incredibly valuable.